TUDOR BOARD – A New Way to Update Your Home Design!

Tudor Boards is a company specialising in making high quality, durable composite wooden boards, timber composite planks and PVC membranes. This Company has been around since 1979. We have always strived to produce the best boards to compliment today’s building requirements. All our boards are engineered and test printed before they reach the manufacturing floor.

“Tudor boards are Manufacturers of Polyurethane bracing and timbers found in Cannock on the west midlands. Our timber boards are made from real timbers and are hand crafted with a 15-year guarantee. We also guarantee our polyurethane braced and timbers to be lighter than the other competition with an increased deep grain. We can also paint your new boards any colour and also manufacture custom-curved and canted polyurethane boards.”

Tudor Board Home Design is not just about selecting the right colour as with other products it is more about how you colour your boards so you can use it in your home. It is worth mentioning that we do have some of the best ranges of colour in the country. “We are delighted to offer our customers the chance to have a say in the colours we supply and also to introduce new ranges of colours our customers want. The paint department is run at full capacity, we have a comprehensive range of pre-stained wood colours that customers can choose from, we can stain or paint them any colour as long as its compatible with our products. If you want to have a tudor board in your garden, we can provide a bespoke timber clapboard or timber wall panel that will enhance your home’s exterior.”

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