The Importance of Construction Site Security

CCTV Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security is vital. Construction Sites are frequently subject to theft and vandalism – indeed it’s been estimated some £800 million is lost annually by British construction sites because of crime. The costs of having to replace equipment, delays in work, and insurance premiums can be great. The best means to cut them down is through comprehensive security.

At Prime Secure we’ve been handling Construction Security for well over 20 years. We have a wealth of in the field experience, as well as professional qualifications from the Security Industry Authority – ensuring we can always provide you with exactly what you need to keep your Construction Site safe.

In this article we’ll detail some of the important factors of Construction Site Security, and how we can help provide you with the means to keep your staff, site, and equipment safe.

Comprehensive Security Deters Crime

What’s the best way to handle crime? Stop it before it happens.

Criminals and Vandals avoid sites with visible security. This is for a couple basic reasons,

  • Increased potential to be caught and prosecuted; CCTV, Alarms and Manned Guarding all massively increase the potential for intruders to be apprehended. CCTV is especially helpful here, as being caught on HD, 4K cameras will practically guarantee a prosecution.
  • Difficult of entry; vandals aren’t likely to go after well secured properties – the risk is simply too great and the payoff too small. The better guarded a property, the more likely they’ll move on to another.

By deterring crime, a huge amount of time, effort and money is saved. Not only will it help your own site – but local properties also often benefit too – as the presence of security near by often inclines criminals to avoid the area all together.

By going with Prime Secure, you can gain access to a slew of effective deterrents. We provide,

  • Qualified Manned Guarding Services, which offer a quick response to any criminal behaviour on your property
  • CCTV Towers – a highly visible and effective deterrent equipped with powerful cameras
  • Alarms and Key Holding options, ensuring another highly visible deterrent to any criminal

Increases the Safety of your Site

One of the biggest benefits of comprehensive security is its ability to improve the safety of your site. Manned Guarding Services can help ensure unauthorised individuals cannot enter (stopping potential accidents), point out dangerous practices and help in situations in which workers become injured. CCTV systems can be used to examine accidents in the past and ensure mistakes aren’t repeated.

By going with Prime Secure, you can gain access to fully qualified CCTV services and Manned Guarding services which will massively improve the safety of your site. In the long term this means saving time, effort, and money, and keeping your property 

Improves Efficiency

Security has been consistently shown to improve site efficiency. This is for several important reasons.

  • Workers do not have to become involved in disputes with trespassers or members of the public who have wandered onto the site, and can engage in their jobs without disruption
  • Workers in sites with CCTV will often become more effective and avoid lazy behaviour
  • Reduced disruption by theft and vandalism means more time can be spent on work and less handling the repercussions
  • Manned Guarding Serviced can handle disputes between workers, ensuring arguments and other disruptions are avoided

If you go with Prime Secure, you’ll get comprehensive security options which guarantee a far more effective and efficient workplace. Our staff are fully trained to provide all these services and more, with our Manned Guarding team fully trained in dispute resolution and negotiation, able to handle members of the public and employees.

Our CCTV services come with remote access as well. If you want to keep an eye on your employees and know how work is going, you can simply make use of our dedicated app – allowing you to have a constant idea of what’s going on in your property.

Insurance Premium Benefits

Insurance Premiums are costly. If crimes occur on your property you can end up racking up a huge bills. By preventing crimes from taking place, comprehensive security systems can do a great deal to save you money – but furthermore, many insurance companies provide cheaper insurance rates for those making use of security systems.

By installing Prime Secure CCTV Towers or making use of Manned Guarding Services, you can not only lower the costs of Insurance Premiums in the aftermath of crime, but also save money in the long term on the costs of purchasing Insurance in the first place.

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