Gutter Replacement Basics

If you live in the United Kingdom, or in any part of the world for that matter, you are probably going to need gutter replacement at some point in time. This is not a necessary and costly project. A small crack in your gutters will completely defeat the point of having gutters installed. Although you might generally spot bigger cracks which will necessitate gutter repairs, even smaller cracks might not be immediately noticeable and so these too can be fixed by a qualified professional.

The three main types of gutters are pergola gutters, aluminum downspouts and vinyl downspouts. The most common of these is the aluminum gutter which is made from galvanized steel to help prevent corrosion. It is also relatively inexpensive, though not as cheap as the other two. If you want to go with aluminum, make sure to buy aluminum flashing. This is not only an aesthetic enhancement, it will also protect the stainless steel flashing installed on the house.

Copper gutters are not quite as common and therefore are not quite as easy to come across as vinyl or aluminum. Copper gutters have a tendency to corrode over time, especially if left without being attended to. This is why it is not as easy to find as the other two. Copper gutters are the most expensive of the three because of this.

When you are installing new gutters, the fascia board needs to be replaced as well, which is another expense that is relatively minor. Some people decide to skip the fascia board and just replace the older, flat fascia with the new one. This is an option that is open to you, however it is one that should be thought through very carefully.

The final step in the process is to cut holes for the screws to go into. Once all of these steps are complete, the installation can begin. One thing to keep in mind when choosing your materials is that the gutters will be installed partially in the ground. This means that you need to select a material that allows the water to drain properly through the system. The different materials include: lumber, fiberglass, concrete, asphalt and vinyl.

Seams in the gutters will be exposed once the material is installed. You will need to repair these seams before putting the boards into place. Improper sealing of the seams will result in more extensive damage to the gutters in the future. If you find that your gutters do need some additional sealing, then purchase some spray paint that can seal the seams. This is just one of the many options available for Gutter Replacement. There is no question that your home will look great once they are installed, and fixing minor leaks may even cost less than buying brand new gutters.

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