How Often Do You Find Yourself Thinking “I Know I Can Do Better With My Business But I Don’t Know How?”

Most Contractors Start a Business Hoping to Bust Loose From the Daily Grind and Create Financial Security for Themselves and Their Families.

Yet, Many Quickly Become Slaves to Their Own Business.

Pay Close Attention As I Reveal the Problem and the Solution to Getting Control Over Your Business, Building the Financial Security and the Lifestyle You Desire By Building a Construction Business That Works for YOU!


Dear Fellow Professional Contractor:

Are you working long, hard hours? Handling tons of problems with your customers, vendors and employees? Living from construction draw-to-draw? Never enough time or money? Making MEASLY profit margins when YOU KNOW you should be doing better?

Would you like to capture for your own profitable use, powerful, proven business development techniques that will have you “outperforming” the approach you’re currently using? Would you like to possess the shortcut-to-success business building success methods you could never learn in any college, university, or in your business lifetime?

The truth of it is this: Contractors don’t fail for a lack of great construction skills, contractor’s fail for a lack of good business skills!

So the question you need to answer is this . . .

Do You Own a Business
Or Does the Business Own You?

If you answered YES! The business owns me, I can help you. Let me explain.

There 5 Reasons why the majority of owners of construction businesses find themselves trapped within their own business. Allow me to reveal them to you.

One is the lack of “Specialized Knowledge.” In his book “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill interviewed thousands of successful business owners. What he discovered is how they were different from those who were not as successful. Successful business owners relied on the power of specialized knowledge, not general knowledge. You, general knowledge only takes you so far. Specialized knowledge has been specifically formulated to produce results, whereas general knowledge addresses its issues in “general” terms only. To be truly successful, you must master the use of “Specialized Knowledge.”

Two is the lack of a proven business model. Trying to build a business from scratch is the long, hard road. Why would you ever want to carve out a path in granite when it is easier to follow an all ready paved and proven path that leads to success? Truth is, too many attempt to build a business on a shaky foundation of wishful thinking.

Third is the element of association. Even though most people do not intentionally become negative slayers of your dreams of success, hanging around with those that do not share your interest for success is like living around a leper colony and never expecting to catch the disease! What you need is to be associating with like-minded business owners that share the same mindset and goals as you.

Fourth is the lack of implementation. Let’s face it, humans are procrastinators by nature. Most businesses fail because the owner failed to implement the proper procedures and processes thereby condemning their business to failure.

Fifth is the lack of coaching. Trying to master all the techniques and skills without a coach is the same as trying to play a sport without a coach. It just isn’t going to happen. If you take a hard look at the most successful people in the world you’ll find this one common thread. They ALL use the services of a coach!

How a Select Few Savvy Owners of Construction Businesses Have Discovered “A Way Out”
of the Daily Grind

No, I’m not talking about closing up shop and quitting on your dreams. I’m talking about employing a little-known program that encompasses all of the key elements you need to turn your business around and make it work for you.

I call it the “Golden Hard Hat Business Building Program.” In short, this program bridges the gap between the unknown and leads you onto the path of proven business success. It releases you from being that prisoner within your own business and to becoming the owner of a really successful construction business that is hands-free and wealth generating.

I know it works because it worked for me and is working for other owners of construction businesses just like you.

The members of this program are capturing on average $97,000 of “lost” profits within their first year, generating six-figure incomes, 20 to 30% profit margins after paying themselves, working less hours, dominating their marketplace and getting a massive 471% return of their investment in the program . . . some within 7 months after joining!

How Would You Like to
Get the Same Results for Yourself?

Now you can continue to beat your brains out against that brick wall you call your business or you can roll up your sleeves and get down to work with me and my program so it will start working for you. The choice is really yours and yours alone. The truth is you wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t ready to do something, so let me explain how this works.

To smash through your current income, elevate your business to new heights, and finally break free of the chains of mediocrity that are running you into the ground, you MUST stop doing what you are doing now and discover the right way of doing it, the proven path so to speak.

I have that proven path with my Golden Hard Hat Program. It contains the keys of:

Specialized Knowledge
A Proven Business Model
The Element of Association
And Mind-Opening, Skills Building Business Coaching

Everything you need to get your business up and running in a profitable, professional and successful manner. All you need to do is add that one missing ingredient – YOU!

Since I can only accept a limited number and if you are not afraid to do the work or to invest up to $25,000 to reap a return 5 to 10 times that within the first year or less, here is how the application process works.

Step One: You must click on the “APPLY HERE” button complete your contact information.

Step Two: You must be willing to allow us to interview you. One of my application team members will call you and talk to you about our program. This will help us to decide together if this program is a good match. If it isn’t, there is absolutely no obligation what so ever, you have nothing to lose by exploring your possibilities with us and this business-building program.

Now it is time for positive success building action on your part.

If you really want to build a highly profitable construction business, one that works for you and dominates your marketplace, if you’re willing to do the work and start building a powerful business mindset, then take the first step towards your future business success.

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