How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying …

‘I Know My Construction Business Can Do More:
I’m Just Not Sure How!’

Most People Start a Business In the Hopes Of
Creating Wealth and Busting Loose From the Daily Grind.

Yet, Many Construction Company Owners Quickly Become
“Prisoners of Their Own Businesses.”

They Suffer Daily From Cash, Customers, and Employee Problems.

Pay Close Attention As I Reveal How A “Street Smart Contractor” Can Show You How to Take Back Your Life, Make More Money, Build a Business That Works for You All While …
Working Less Stressful Hours …

Dear Fellow Contractor:

         If you said … yes to the above headline, then having a business coach makes perfect sense for you. You feel trapped in your own business, and you now know it. And the fact that you are reading this means you are sophisticated enough to understand that …

red checkYou’re Working Harder and Harder,
But Not Getting Ahead?

         There’s not enough of you to go around. If you’re selling the work, you can’t get it into production, and if you’re managing the work, you can’t get the office work done, and if you can’t get the office work done, the invoicing doesn’t get out, and if the invoicing doesn’t get out, you don’t have money, and if you focus on getting paid, you can’t sell, and if you can’t sell …

         Meanwhile, customer’s already under contract are upset with you, calling all hours of the day and night, demanding you do their work, and prospective customers go to someone else because you can’t get back to them.

         Do not worry I’ll show you what you can do to change all of this if you decide to let me coach you.

         But let’s talk about something else that is impacting your business such as …

red checkLove-Hate Customer Relationships

         Are you faced with the frustration of endless quotes and hand-holding, only to lose the customer to someone else who comes in with a low-ball number? Does it feel as though the only thing the customer really enjoys is hammering you on price? Think how powerful it would be if you could discover exactly what motivates customers to buy at your price alone. You could possess some very powerful magic and close the deals you want at your price.

         The secret is simple and we will reveal that also in a moment. However, allow me to ask a very serious question about you and your business, are you …

red checkWorking 70, 80 or 100 Hours a Week for Less Than You’re Worth or Are You Building a Business That Works for You?

         Let’s do the simple math. If you’re pulling in around $70,000 a year from your business but working 100 hours a week (not uncommon by the way) here is what you are making.

$70,000 per year / 5200 Hours per Year = $13.46 per hour

         That’s pretty pathetic … wouldn’t you agree but let’s take into consideration taxes and other ‘hidden’ things you must pay for. The rule of thumb says that this can be anywhere from 45% to 55% of your income.

For practical purposes, let’s calculate that on the minimum or 45%

$13.46 X 45% = $6.05

$13.46 - $6.05 = $7.41 net to you per hour!

Congratulations! You’ve got a job working as a greeter at Wal-Mart!

         At $100,000 a year to you it works out to around a pathetic $10 per hour (I bet you’ve employees working for you who are making more than that! And all with far less stress.)

         But here’s the problem. If you stop working the hours . . . the income stops! That’s the difference between a well-managed business and the hours-for-dollars JOB. With a well-managed business, your income continues and grows even if you are not there. If you want to escape the hours-for-dollars JOB you are faced with a dilemma.


         You could book more jobs but that means more work more people, more expenses and more headaches. It can also mean you need more working capital, and maybe hiring unreliable EMPLOYEES. Your overhead EXPLODES, and you eat up any additional profit with all the new expenses. The only thing that’s up is your blood pressure.

There Is A Better Way and Time IS Money,
So … Make the Time to Make the Money

         There’s a better way to solve all these problems and to be able to expand your business, make more money, grab the best customers for yourself and work less stressful hours. All without raising your overhead, increasing expenses or borrowing the money to do it. The solution lies outside the box. It’s going to take an open mind, some eye-opening realizations, and some down-right willingness to accept what works and the willingness to discard the “old-way” of doing things.

         But before I share the ‘how’ with you, it’s very important for you to understand. Nothing comes free in this world. It will take time, money and effort. Time is a precious commodity, you have only so much of it, money and effort will come back to you in multitudes if you use it properly. If you can not accept this fundamental law of success, if you are NOT willing to read every word in this letter then there’s no point in reading any further and I most certainly do not want to waste any more of your time.

         After more than 30 years in this industry, I’ve been exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly. I work with hundreds of contractor’s and speak to thousands in the course of a year. I even hear from their wives in moments of shear desperation.

         The bottom-line is this. The average contractor out there wants to do great, wants a successful business with happy, satisfied customers, a better life for his family and a feeling of real success. They just don’t know how to go about doing it.

         As a result of this, they get sucked into a black hole of, off to work I go and for nothing more than a paycheck!

         The fact is … most small to medium contractors today are operating out of sheer desperation. They think they can do a better job of it than the other guys who are doing the same thing. But it’s not that simple. There is a hidden trap. It’s only after they’ve made a huge commitment of time, money, and loads of lumps and bumps do they realize they’re in over their heads.

         The way they think they can win is to get more work, hire more people, take greater risks and try to keep things moving. This leads to price cutting, costly mistakes, longer hours, more frustrations, bigger headaches, greater cash flow problems, huge losses and all just to try and keep busy. Busy … Yes … Profitable … Hell NO! Sooner or later they get whacked out of the game altogether.

         The business savvy survive and prosper, the weak and clueless become the victims, all for the lack of specialized knowledge in running their businesses successfully … no matter what the economy does!

         The industry is changing and the economy is changing if you do not change with it you will become a victim of it.

Past Practice is NOT the Indicator
of Future Success

         There is a better way to approaching and solving all of these business problems. You won’t read about this in the trade magazines, at the conventions or hear about it at any 90 minute seminar. Nobody’s talking about what we’re doing but what we’re doing is making a lot of clever contracting owners more money and freedom.

         So … what you want for yourself, your business and your family is financial success and freedom of lifestyle.

         Allow me to tell you a little about myself.

         For over the past 15 years I’ve been developing and refining the process of duplicating and adapting my successful business model for others to use. This has resulted in some amazing breakthroughs for many of the contractors who have worked with me in implementing it into their construction businesses.

         In the past year alone, I’ve turned some particular individuals who came to me from flat broke into millionaires. Each and every one of them following my proven business model of building a successful construction business that works no matter what the economy does.

         But each and every one of them had to ditch their ego’s, open their brains up to new and innovative ideas and be willing to roll up their sleeves and get down to the task of working on their business … not in it!

         Each and every one of them had to take the next step

The Tipping Point

         Sometimes the obvious is right in front of us. In this case, getting the specialized knowledge you need to grow your business and to make bigger profits is right there – in front of you – but pushed aside because it requires time and money which automatically becomes a roadblock to your chances of finding the right idea to your success.

         The idea is NOT to sabotage your chances to grow your mind and improve your business success with such negative thoughts of can’t, such as ‘I can’t afford’ or ‘I can’t take the time.’ 

         In his book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell observes that struggling businesses are often turned around by one key decision. Many once-floundering companies are now thriving and successful because of a choice … a decision … that became their tipping point.

         Excuses and procrastination, the opposites of decision making, is a common enemy every person in business must conquer. An analysis of over 25,000 men and woman who had business failure, disclosed the fact that they procrastinated and found empty excuses to avoid making the right decision.

         In his book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill studied several hundred people who were successful in accumulating more than a million dollar’s in wealth which revealed that every one of them had the same habit of reaching decisions promptly when it came to their business.

         Napoleon Hill’s study also showed that people who failed to accumulate money and success in business, without exception, did so because they failed to make decisions.

If You Had One Shot to Take to Improving Your Business, Making Your Life Easier and More Profitable … Would You Take It?

         Not too long ago I had a contractor approach me about his business. Drew had been banging nails for over 14 years now. He works 6 (some times 7) days a week … LONG days. His wife makes the appointments and Drew makes sure the work gets done, and in most cases, that means him doing it.

         He has plenty of work but isn’t making ends meet. He’s frustrated, burned out and overworked.

         Does this sound familiar? --- Drew is a classic example of what many of us are either doing or have done.

         To makes things worse, Drew had dreams of financial security and freedom of lifestyle. He was hoping to cash out early so he and his family good enjoy being together. So far, Drew is lucky to see his family sometime on a late Sunday afternoon.

         He wanted to own his own construction business. To control his own schedule, cash flow, and take time off whenever he wanted to.

         Only something happened along the way. Like so many contractors, he never really learned how to run his business.

         So what did he do? He decided to open a SECOND business by taking out a loan against his house! Now he’s at even more risk because the SAME problems that plagued him in his first business are rearing their ugly heads and devouring his second business! He could even lose his home!!

         When I first started talking to him, his responses were all too common … “I’m too busy. I don’t have the money right now. It won’t work for me.” Along with a whole laundry list of excuses which do nothing but stop you from doing the right thing.

         His final comment was this, “Besides, my business is doing okay.”

         Well unfortunately for Drew he’s also making one of the biggest mistakes many struggling contracting owners make … the one that kills more businesses each year is responsible for more bankruptcies and divorces than any other. And those that it doesn’t kill, it cripples! In fact you may be making the same mistake right now? The truth is …

No One Starts a Business
to Just “DO OKAY!”

         When you started your business did you say “I want to start my own business and work hard just to make ends meet.”

         I don’t think so. Still, more contractors work harder than they ever thought they would, and that’s what they settle for … “My business is doing OKAY.”

         Unfortunately so many contractors don’t realize this is all part of why they struggle.

         They don’t understand the ONE BIG MISTAKE (the BIGGEST mistake made by struggling contractors – the business KILLER!

         Here it is …

         The great majority of contractors do not have an inkling of the “specialized knowledge” required coupled with a proven plan for success.

         They aren’t following a path laid out by those who have made it to where they want to be. So many are trying to blaze a new trail or even worse follow some other lost soul who is struggling as hard or even harder then they are to make it.

         Many will mistakenly pass over this opportunity where they can get the BLUEPRINT to success, the “specialized knowledge,” a proven process that works, a system that has been repeated by hundreds of other contracting (who you’ll get to meet and talk with) professionals. I’m not talking about the crap you would get if you attended any one of the industry’s trade shows or conventions.


         Because they get these underrated speakers to come in and speak for FREE! With promises that you will buy HUNDREDS of DOLLARS of their services as soon as they get finished with spoon-feeding you full of boring, useless information that will never work. Why? Because they couldn’t make if work for themselves, so it can’t possibly work for you either.

         I’m talking about “specialized knowledge” coupled with a proven system, repeated hundreds of times by people just like you.

In fact, the AVERAGE income increases after working with me is $97,000 within the first year!!!

         You read that right! The clients who absorb my information and put it to work for them place an extra 97 GRAND on average … in their pockets … some even MORE!

         For those of you who do not know me, my name is Henry Goudreau and I was called by Commercial Contractor Magazine as “America’s #1 Resource for Business Development for Contractors. I have written books, training manuals, seminars and workshops for such organizations as; NAHB, AGC, ABC, NGA, NFBA, WOC, Remodeler’s and I sit on the national board of directors for NARI.

         Like you I am a contractor. My education is in Civil Engineering and Business. I owned a construction firm that was one of ENR’s Top 400 Contractors and I sold my business at the age of 43 (for more than some make in a lifetime!).

         Since then, I have been helping hundreds of contractors build a business that works for them. This year alone, I am making some of them millionaire’s for the first time even in this down economy.

         And if there is one thing I’ve learned since I’ve been helping those sophisticated enough to realize they need help it is …

“Most Contractors Don’t Actually
Own a Business …
Their Business Owns THEM!”

         Actually, they own HALF a business (meaning … Hard, Annoying, Lame & Frustrating!)

         Could this be you?

         Hopefully, I’ve got the wheels turning in your head. I’m serious about this and I want you to realize it before it is too late. Because no matter what kind of contractor you are, no matter what part of this great country you come from, if you do not possess nor understand the mere essence of this “specialized knowledge” in owning a successful construction business, you are doomed to fail.

         So let’s take the next big reality step. I want you to ask yourself this very revealing question: Do you own a business or does your business own you?

         Still not sure? Let’s dig a little deeper. On a daily basis, how many of these frustrations are eating away at you?

  • Feeling trapped by your own business?
  • Secretly wondering if you’re doing something wrong because you’re working too hard for too little?
  • Putting your family kids, your friends and even your own health on the back burner for your business?
  • Privately wondering what the hell was I thinking when I started this business?
  • Fighting uphill battles just to make it through the week, let alone payday for your employees?
  • Sick and tired of making less but working more?

         And here’s the kicker … if you took an extended vacation today … would your business survive, thrive … or suffer?

         Let’s kick it up a notch … if you died tonight … would your business survive and be able to take care of your family? Or … would your business die a shameful death and create untold amounts of misery for your loved ones?

         The truth is … 9 out of 10 contractors are owned by their businesses!

         You may ‘think’ that the long, hard hours and constant “fires” and demands on your time are normal but …

A Few Savvy Contracting Owners Have Discovered How This Success Coaching Program Has Changed Their Lives and Businesses In Ways You’ve Only Imagined “Up to Know” Because It GIVES You the Tools And Resources You Need to Possess In Order to Build a Highly Profitable Construction Business That Works For YOU!

         No, I’m not talking about shutting the doors and saying “no-more!” I’m talking about discovering that specialized knowledge and coupling it to a proven business wheel.

         Isn’t it time you mastered the business process of building a construction business that works for you?

         Now, let’s be realistic. If you do not have the required specialized knowledge, the proven business model to follow, how do you ever expect to reach your dreams, to own a truly successful construction business, to live your lifestyle the way you really want?

         Do you own a business or does the business own you?

         Good question isn’t it? I think you need to answer it.

         Ready? Good because . . .

         Now It’s Your Turn

         What kind of contractor are you?

         Do you worry too much and then over-react? Maybe taking jobs too cheap or too many at too little money, running yourself into the ground?

         Do you sit back and wait. Hoping things get better? Maybe next year or the year after? Waiting, letting oodles of opportunity slip you by? Letting time work against you?

         Do you think you don’t have the time, money or smarts to grasp these proven success factors? Or maybe, you just think you’re too good for this?

         Any of the above will sabotage any chances of reaching your full potential. They are cleverly designed by your internal negative thought process to make sure you don’t succeed. After all, isn’t it easier to do nothing?

         The bottom-line question you need to answer is this: Which Actions Create Success for YOU? Doing something positive or doing something negative?

         I hope you answered something positive. And if you did, then we have something to work with. If you didn’t, please do not bother reading any further. If you are even skeptical, stop right now and get off this page. This is NOT meant for you.

         Let me explain.

         To smash through your current situation, to increase profits and productivity, to elevate your business to new heights, and finally break free of the chains that have been holding you back, you must be willing to do some serious work, to let go of the old ways that are not working, to forget what you think you know and become willing to learn a better way that DOES work.

         If you’re ready, please continue reading.

         What About the Cost?

         I understand that the cost may be the next issue in your mind, so let’s address that.

         First, the real cost is what you are already experiencing by not investing in getting the help you need. Each and every day it is costing you. As time goes by the cost is only increasing.

         The average contractor who does a million dollars a year is “leaking” over $90,000.00 out the bottom of his business and . . .  he doesn’t even realize it!

         That makes the cost irrelevant. Instead, you want to know what the investment is to get a return on your efforts. Commonly referred to as R.O.I.

         Allow me to put that into a better perspective. The average “consultant” will start you off at a very low figure. Maybe . . . charging you $1,000.00 or more to visit your office for a whole day and ask you all kinds of questions about you and your business, look over your financials and chit-chat with your employees. What great guys everyone will think, they are looking out for my business you will think. At the end they will tell you they know how to fix this or that and in order to proceed, they will need you to sign a contract for $15,000.00 to get started.

         At this point you might take the bait. They do the work, write you a pretty report. You’ll be amazed at the stunning graphs, detailed information, right off your financials and fancy lingo. Heck, you might even read the report, of course, you’ll have absolutely no clue what is in it and that is exactly the way they want it.

         They will then tell you that you still have some more problems and for only $25,000.00 more, they’ll fix that for you because that wasn’t included in the first report. And so the games begin!

         The problem is this.

         You have no clue what the report is saying because you do not understand it. Without the “specialized knowledge” you’ll never be able to make good use of that consultant’s information. Instead, he will keep having you come back to him … for a fee until he sucks your financial well dry. And since he has seen your numbers, he knows exactly how far he can go!

         I have heard countless numbers of contractors tell me their horror stories of hiring consultants and paying HUGE amounts of money for nothing in return.

         This Is Why I Am Different

         I refuse to do consulting work. I learned very early on that the only person who benefits is the consultant.

         Instead, I prefer to give you my information and coach you into understanding and using it in your business. That way you have acquired the “specialized knowledge” and know how to use it.

         Having someone else do the work for you and you not understanding it is a perfect formula for failure. Without the specialized knowledge you lack the clarity of how to make it work.

         This also makes it extremely affordable for you. You pay for the access to my information or for the time with me. How much is what determines your investment.

These Coaching Programs Will Give You the Tools You Need to Build A Business That Works for YOU!

         If you really want to become a “Street Smart Contractor,” if you want a business that works for you, if you’re open-minded and sophisticated enough to know you need a better way, if you’re willing to do some serious “outside-the-box” thinking and learning, click on the link of your choice and lets get started!

         For those of you who are looking for coaching to advance and push the envelope in building a better construction business, click on the …

Business Coaching for Contractors!



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